The Benefits of a Season Pass

Let’s be honest for a moment—tickets to amusement parks are usually expensive.  And if you want the park hopper passes so you can go to more parks?  Even more money.  That’s why you should invest in a season pass, also called the “Disney Passports”.

There are several options you can choose from when buying a “Disney Passport” for you and your family. 

  • The first option is the “Disney Southern California Select Passport”, where you can visit both parks on the same day and get 10% off select dining places and merchandise.  However, there are block out dates where you can’t use your pass.  This option is $339.
  • The second option is the “Disney Southern California Passport”, which is similar to the first option but you have a few less block out dates.  This option is $469.
  • The third option is also similar, the “Disney Deluxe Passport”, with the 10% for both parks but even less block out dates.  This option is $619.


  • The fourth option is the “Disney Signature Passport”, for both theme parks in the same day.  You get 15% off dining and 20% off merchandise, but you also get parking included!  There are less block out dates with this option, and it’s $849.
  • The last option is the “Disney Signature Plus Passport” with admission to both parks every day of the year, with no block out dates.  You get 15% off dining and 20% off on merchandise as well as parking included.  This option is $1,049.

Buying season passes is definitely the best investment if you’re going to go to Disneyland and California Adventure more than a couple times each year, and especially if you have kids.  With the discounts you’ll get on food and souvenirs and the savings on tickets, these season pass options are the way to go!